Alive Cheewit Cheewa , Now Hat Yai's Most Instagramable Place

By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, April 11, 2019

These days it's all about the gram, agree to disagree. I see a nice place on social media and I want to rush there soonest possible to take amazing photos too! This was what happen with Alive ชีวิต ชีวา too! And lucky me because I had a scheduled trip to Hatyai, Thailand.

Alive ชีวิต ชีวา , is about 6 months old and I would say is currently the most hip and happening spot in Hatyai. Alive ชีวิต ชีวา ‘s location is quiet convenient as it is only a 15 mins by Tuk Tuk from Lee Garden [ this would be the best landmark in Hatyai ]

This place is totally instagrammable. Upon arrival you will be welcome with lush greenery  huge trees and as you explore further you will find bean bag cushion on nets, swings of all sorts, bamboo partitioning which makes it all perfect for a photo. The entire place is beautiful and captivating especially if you love nature.

Here, you can choose to dine in the air-conditioned room or at the open area surrounded by trees. The air conditioned room is on the second story which makes it feel like a tree house. Tarzan and Jane would have liked it! Lol The open air area can be rather humid especially if you are seated where we were which was at the corner somewhere after the kitchen entrance. I would suggest for you to sit on the open area on the second floor, it would surely be more airy. If you walk around you could actually find many “private spots” for dining.

There is also a live band going on when we were there, the music was fine to me. I am after all not much of a music fan. Lol. Now with all these greens around there are going to be mozzies too! So don’t forget to bring your mosquito repellent along, or you might end up with bites. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The food! Yes, I am pretty impressed with the food. Instagrammable, hip and happening places back home usually serves food which is way below expectation. Here at Alive ชีวิต ชีวา the food is above my expectation. I didn’t get the names of all the dishes as I was too excited over the whole Alive thingy, check out the food pics and captions below. Food is reasonably priced from approximately RM16. If you are not a fan of Thai food, no worries as you can also find the usual Pork Chop or Fish and Chips, which reminds me This restaurant is Non - Halal. Smoothies, Sodas , Cocktails as well as Beer and Liquor is also serve here. Basically they have quite a wide selection of food to cater to everyone. A bottle of Heineken would be THB 110, and a bottle of Strongbow THB 89 just to give you an idea of the price range.
Stir Fried Pork Ribs with Pepper THB150
I liked this dish, the ribs were nicely marinated but it was a bit on the hard side weak teeth
Stir Fried South Vegetables with egg, THB 120
No comments because I don't eat vegetable,
Hubs says it was good even tho he doesn't eat vegetable like myself he ate this
Crab / Shrimp Curry THB200
This dish is SPICY! Its nice but its Spicy so unless you like Spicy please don't order 
Jellyfish dish!
Lol I didn't get the name, but this dish is not spicky but didn't really had much taste.
I am not sure if all Jellyfish dish tasted this way. Lol 
Seafood Tom Yam! THB200
to die for...enough said. 
This is my other favorite Dish here, this is a some sort of Mango salad,
I am not sure what's the name of it. Its very refreshing

Now check out some of the photos we took to give you a better Idea of the place so you can plan your wardrobe and stuff! Details  and video at the end of the post as usual!

Alive ชีวิต ชีวา is open daily from 11.30am - 11pm, they have one off day a month. Be sure to check on Alive ชีวิต ชีวา Facebook to make sure they are open on the day of your visit.  I went around 5pm which I think would be the best time as its less humid and you can catch the sunset and get a different set of photos, and when the sunsets the place is transformed with beautiful twinkling fairy lights streaming down from the trees, makes me feel like I am in an enchanted fairytale and somehow remind me of Peter Pan, I don’t know why. Check out m video below!

Address: 10/10 Poonnakan Rd, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110, Thailand
Contact: +66 83 242 6391

Opening hours: Daily from 11.30am to 11pm

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  1. Ohh here to comment ok nice... A very interesting location and no other place and a lot of good food hehehe if I come on vacation here can go some where here nice recommendation....

  2. Tak pernah lagi sampai Hatyai ni, tak tau lah bila hahaha. Nak juga jalan2 sini tengok tempat orang, makanan pun ada banyak jenis kan.

    Btw restaurant nice view and decoration :)


  3. Cantiknya tempat ni. Sis rajin jugak ke Hatyai dengan kawan-kawan tapi tak tahu pulak ada tempat ni. Nanti kalau pergi lagi blh lah singgah sini

  4. i tak pernah pegi hatyai..should ask my hubby bring me here one day..the place look very cosy...and the temptings

  5. wow best spot for OOTD instagram! kena cuba datang singgah nie..cantik betul suasana kat sini. dah boleh book tiket flight nie hahaha

  6. I went to Hatyai but never know they have such place. I would love to drop by for nice photo here if I visit Hatyai again.

  7. nice one ! best spot for instagram shots and OOTD. i'm going to plan to go over there next year. cant wait !!!

  8. Ok kalau diberi peluang ke thailand, nak pergi sini.hehe boleh snap picture. I love instagramable place.rugi jalan kalau tak buat kenangan.

  9. Bestnya.. View sgt cantik n menarik bila OOTD..boleh AM masukkan nie jadi wish list hujung tahun nie..

  10. Wahhh so pretty here. if i go here, i will surely take a lot of photo, heheh

  11. I saw many took photos there, wish to go to Hat Yai soon and i m craving for all the Thai food.

  12. Saya tak pernah sampai lagi sini..mungkin suatu hari nanti boleh datang..

  13. I will always remember your advice to bring multiple clothes to this place because of the many spots to shoot OOTD. Of course, wouldnt mind trying their food too..hahhaha

  14. Cantiknya tempat ni...
    And the foods look yummy too...

  15. Cantiknya tempat ini. Rugi tak pergi. Saya sedang cari tempat untuk melancong sementara rumah saya sedang ubah suai bilik air. Rasanya thailand adalah tempat yang murah dan bagus untuk melancong.