What is my take on Le Ment Shampoo?

By Gaylen KaSai - Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A few months ago I received a Le Ment high-concentration essential oil shampoo from Japan, and
sinc3e I was running out of Shampoo at that time I gave it a try nevertheless and I wish to do a
minireview of the Le Ment Shampoo today.
Silicone free shampoo has been the in thing for a while now, and girls being girls we are always
spending a lot for the name of beauty. I have started using silicone free shampoo for about 8 months
now and since I ran out of my usual I tried Le Ment which happens to be something similar and it
also has ingredients which can repair damage hair.
The ingredients used are of high quality and even better than those we find in a professional saloon.
The carbonic acid scalp SPA used in ordinary hair salons uses 1000 ppm of carbonic acid, while Le
Ment uses 5000 ppm of carbonic acid. This is a special hair shampoo which should be used once
every 3 days, however I have tried using it everyday and I find there is much less hair loss. This
shampoo's high-concentration ultra-fine foam can penetrate into the gap where ordinary shampoo
can't get in. It is also great for washing off the alkaline residue after dyeing or perming ingredient. It's
easy to use, first rinse the hair with warm water, shake the bottle well, 1 pump onto palms and then
evenly apply to the scalp and hair. Then carefully rinse it and rinse it with your own hair conditioner.
I like that the bubbles are fine and looks like mousse. The packaging is also similar to a hair spray
and doesn't look like a shampoo, because this bottle consist of concentrated organic extracts. I have
been using it for more than a month now and I love that my hair is much easier to dry and has more
volume. Hair is definitely less dry. Each bottle has almost a 6 months or usage depending on your
usage frequency. If you are interested in buying, you can browse this website to buy it.

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