Skip*Hop! My child's best friend

By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, April 25, 2019

I love how everything happens at the right time and the right place. In about less than a month my little baby I once had to carry in my arms everyday won’t be so little anymore, from a little infant who totally depends on me to a little preschooler who demands to feed himself, yes preschooler which reminds me that he will be starting preschool in a new school soon and I want to give him a great start by giving him a new school bag & water bottle. It's about time the boy starts carrying his own bags, and at that thought Bloom & Grow Asia sent over a whole set of Skip Hop Zoo Series.

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack is a very popular backpack for preschoolers. They come in a wide choices of different animals like Dogs, Penguins, Monkeys, Unicorn and so many more. The one that Vegas has here is a Bat! As I unbox the parcel I thought to myself as I knew that he’s going to be ecstatic when he sees it in the morning, because I was excited myself. Check out his first reaction in the video!
Now let me share with you about the bag!

SKIP HOP ZOO STRAW BOTTLE, is a 12oz bottle which is perfect for on-the-go, this kid-sized bottle features straw and flip lid. This is bottle is dishwasher safe too! There is a Velcro strap which allows me to strap in on strollers or shopping carts. The bottle also comes with an additional straw.

Next would be the ZOO MELAMINE PLATE & BOWL SET and the ZOOTENSILS FORK & SPOON. The plate & bowl set is made of Melamine and is BPA-free while the Utensils made with stainless steel and features a soft-grip side for little hands. All theses are dishwasher safe.

The ZOO LUNCHIE is an insulated lunch bag. The whole back is insulated to keep food and drinks cold. This is perfect to bring out Vegas's Yogurt and Fruits. The top handle clips onto other backs or zoo packs. There is an interior mesh pocket to keep Zootensils to! I love how all the Zipper pull matches the theme of the bag, like this one has a moon shape because Bats only come out at night don't they? Inside the bag there's a write on name-tag where you could write the child's name.

The ZOO PACK would be the highlight for me, because this little kid backpack is just so cute! With padded and adjustable straps, this bag is a good fit for toddlers and kids. There is an insulated pocket made for snacks and a mesh side pocket for placing water bottle. The Zoo Pack also has matching zipper pull. The bag may look small but its pretty roomy inside, with 2 diapers, a milk bottle, and a change of clothes I still have a lot of room for toys and books.

Personally, I really like Skip & Hop because the quality is great, unique, innovative and highly functional, they definately make parenting easier. Why diidn't they have them when I was a kid... lol. All Skip Hop products meet applicable standards too, so rest assured your child is in safe hands. Pretty soon I will be adding on to his collection of the Skip Hop Zoo Collection. You can check out more Skip Hop Collection HERE
By the way, the bat's name is Bailey! No I didn't make that up. It comes with a name

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