[Day 2 ] Phathallung Thailand with Hadthong Resort 金海滩度假村水晶岛旅游区

By Gaylen KaSai - Sunday, May 26, 2019

We were greeted by a beautiful sunrise the next morning, right in front of our window. We 
could just stand in the balcony and admire the new day. We skipped the resort’s breakfast on that day because we were heading out to one of the most iconic place in Phatthalung. On the way to our first destination, we saw many Bull plowing and we were told by our guide Xiao Yong that these bulls are trained for fights and every morning in the wee hours they go through their exercise. Every village in Phatthalung will send their bulls to fight and the winner wins cash, according to Xiao Yong not everyone could own a bull so only the village head or those richer families own them. I questioned Xiao Yong whether these bulls will fight to death, he said no. They don’t allow them to fight to death which is a relieve. I would hate to see bulls fighting each other till death because that is just plain cruel.

Bulls plowing

This is deep fried fish egg! It's really good. If you see it anywhere, do try. its THB20 for like 10 pieces.

I don't know what fruit this is but it was really good. So good I was looking for it on the 3rd day. Its something like Jeruk

There are so many catfishes 

Local Homok [Otak Otak] Super Spicy

The view  from the bridge
We also pass a bridge, which also happens to be like a morning market. The bridge is one of the main roads that leads to the City, which is why early in the morning food vendors will sell their good here. The bridge as a pretty nice view for some photos too. We bought some market food for breakfast, and Xiao Yong introduce us a special breakfast snack, fried Fish Egg! Yes..OMG I loved it so much. I never ever thought there could be such a thing. I think I ate too many Fish Egg that morning itself.

Sri Pakpra 喜白白 คลองปากประ
We stopped by another bridge which overlooks of the most iconic landmark in Phatthalung, the SriPakPra. This is where you can see all the traditional fishing nets. These traditional fishing nets still require man power to operate them but soon I heard that they will be replacing the with automatic hydraulic ones. So do hurry if you still wanna see the traditional stuff.

We arrived at our first destination which was

Thale Noi 莲花内湖 ทะเลน้อย

Thale Noi, Thale means little while Noi means Lake. This is not just any Little Lake, this is actually huge Lotus Lake. You can find so many type of water lilies and lotuses here. Thale Noi is also a waterfowl sanctuary, so you can watch birds that flew here. There are various different species of birds different from the one we see back home. I almost forgot, in front of our resort we could also do bird watching because there’s also an area where you can find many birds. It is a spectacular view. Once we got all our equipements ready we took the sampan and headed out into Thale Noi.The lake is so big that I couldn't see the end of it. We were already out in the lake by 10am, even then it was a little bit hot but we braved the sun and took so many beautiful photos. Birds were flying in the sky and skimming on the water surface which is a rare sight for me. There were so many lotus flowers in full bloom that I was just sitting on the sampan gazing at their beauty. We spent around 2 hours at the lake and took hundreds of photos. This is a great place for pre wedding photos too!  Here I will share some of our most beautiful pieces thanks to Harris & IZ.

Long Tail boats


After Thale Noi, we quickly changed into our Thai Costume and headed to our next destination. Yes, this trip we wanted something different with our photos and decided to rent the Thai traditional costume. We got ours at Anantee Weddingstudio and they were super affordable at THB 450 for a 7 days rental period. I Love Thailand. The shop is opposite Greenway Night Market, so it's easy in and out of Hatyai. Can check their outfits at www.rentthaidress.com too before your trip.

On the way to our next destination, we dropped by at one very famous Tong Sui [Dessert] shop Kanomwaan Pakee  Thai desserts are known as Khanom in Thai or sweet snacks and is taken after a meal  especially after eating spicy Thai Dishes. This shop is famous among the locals because of its long history. Each bowl of dessert cost THB10, which Is very affordable.  Here they serve all kinds of desserts like the famous Thai Bua Loi, Bubur Cha Cha, Sago and so many more.
Kanomwaan Pakee [Dessert Shop]

 So many types of dessert to choose from, THB10

Sampaothai 三宝船 สำเภาไทย

A famous tourist place for the locals, this place is actually a paddy field. The most iconic thing in Sampaothai would be the huge Ship and the Huge Gorilla that is in the middle of the paddy field. There is also a rest area for you get some local delights. The sun was getting really hot just right after noon, so we hurried along and took our photos. The best time to visit would be around 5pm so that you can also get the sunset. I did also notice that there are some cute photo booths being set up, just like the Heart shape chair similar to the one we have in Penang Hill and there are also little huts for you to rest in or to hide from the scorching sun. Let me share some of Harris’s masterpiece, most of them I've posted on my social media...so do check it out because I think its beautiful. Not me. The photos. This is also a great place for pre-wedding photos. I wish I had more time here, tho I would go in the evening when the sun is not that strong!

Napokae 稻田农庄ศูนย์การเรียนรู้ นาโปแก ควนขนุน

Next we visited Napokae Learning Center which is a new landmark in Phatthalung. Napokae means The Paddy Field of Grandfather. Na means Paddy Field, Po means Grandfather and Kae mean ancestor. This place allows the younger generation to learn more about their grandparents, The  life of Phatthalung farmers. How they plow, plant, other stuffs. Back then, buffalo is the farmers best friend but today they have been replace by technology, here you can even meet 2 very special buffaloes Ai Khao [5 years Old]  & Thong Klau [4 Year Old] They are albino buffalo which makes them pretty special because 10,000 only have one. We also saw many equipment used in the olden days to produce rice. We tried our hands on milling rice via the hand pounding of paddy in a mortar with a pestle and It was hard. Now I know why back in the olden days, my grandmother use to tell me to finish my rice because it is hard work.

 I'm busy la woi! Go away
 Feeding the Albino Buffalo 

 Nice greeneries

Trying our hands on this. It was not easy...watch me Video to find out how its done


Kwanjai Bamboo Garden ตลาดสวนไผ่ 竹林市场

Next we went to a bamboo garden which is only open during weekends, This is a folk Market under the bamboo shades. You can find a huge variety of local food and snacks, souvenirs, clothes and unique drinks. We spent around 45 minutes here before we went for lunch


We had our lunch at Baebthai.com , where we got our fix of Traditional Thai Cuisine.. This restaurant is air conditioned and is surrunded by lush greeneries so you can experience a nice quiet meal. Upon arrival we were served a variety of welcome drink which was very refreshing, Pea Flower & Lemon. Lunch was really yummy and spicy. The rice that was served here is a little different from others, they use a mixture of brown and white rice which is also their signature.

Steam Sea Bass Fish with Lemon THB 400
Dee Fried Crab Meat Roll THB 180
Lotus Root THB 150
Tom Yam Gong THB 200
 Coconut Otak Otak  THB180
Fruits THB100

Baebthai also offers a massage and this place is unlike any I have seen. The interior is veryThai  which is really lovely. The place is huge and has all the facilities you didn’t think it could have. Jacuzzi, Sauna, Guasa and much more and their therapist are all very well trained. It is also clean, spacious and airy. You could spend 5 hours here just relaxing and enjoying their services. They also have a organic shop here if you would like to try out some of the products. We didn’t have the chance because we had a full schedule ahead of us, but we had the chance to try out their Foot & Body massage. It was so good I wished we could spend 1 more day in Phatthalung just so I could stay here all day. Lol. Let’s move on because after a massage we are going for an adventure.

Red Ant Water Rafting ล่องแก่งหนานมดแดง พัทลุง


Yee haa, Water rafting. I have never tried this before. There are many other smaller vendors
around but we 
went to Red Ant Water Rafting which is one of the oldest and most established Water Rafting in Phatthalung. We opted to get a staff to help us with the 
paddling so we could fully experience this and also because I know if we paddle ourselves we will not get pass 1 km. Hahah. The whole river will be around 6 km. Once we got our life jackets and other safety gears we hopped on to one of the pick up trucks which brought us to higher grounds, and we got onto our kayaks and started screaming away every once a while. We saw little kids on the kayaks by themselves which is such a cute sight. As we rafting down the river we could see many trees, and underneath seaweeds can be seen. It was such a beautiful sight that I have decided to bring the kids there this year end. Another interesting thing that I saw is the people living there, by the banks of the rivers. They are so welcoming to tourist locally and abroad. There is a pit stop at a restaurant[ or a resting corner if you are kayaking yourself] where you can get yourself some drinks but do note that you cannot have them on your kayak because you might dirty the river. There used to be a huge slide at Red Ant Water Rafting which will slide into the river but it has been temporarily shut down due to safety reasons. After the Kayak session, you can enjoy a sauna session here too at no extra charge, and also coffee and tea. I am always amazed at Thailand’s hospitality. Back home, everything also charge. Lol. If you have never tried this sport here are some tips for you.

Things to Bring

-Waterproof Bag, just dump all the belongings you need on the kayak  in the bag like your shades, mobile phones
-Swimming Shoes because when you are about to go on the kayak you need to walk on stony roads  and inside the river it is pretty slippery
- GoPro or any waterproof camera

Now after such a awesome rafting adventure, it's time for tummy adventure.  

Tyme Royal Pastry พัทลุง

When we arrived we were quite shock to see such a huge bakery! It seems that this place is even bigger than our petrol station back home. Lol. As we walk, we were greeted with This place is pastry heaven, if you are familiar with Thailand then this you would know as it is especially famous with the locals. You can find all sorts of local pastries and souvenirs. There’s even a cafe and a small flea market here. Their signature pastry would be the ‘Total Spring Rolls’ which is actually a crunchy pastry which is great for souvenirs, these little pastry balls are filled with green tea, pumpkin, yam, lotus and all sorts of fillings. You can also find other famous Thai snacks here and also souvenirs and you may sample them before trying. I tried their brownies and they tasted really good. We brought some Fish FIllings Pillow which I think is very tasty and 2 boxes of Total Spring Rolls as souvenirs. If you love pastries and desserts this is a must visit.

We headed back to our resort for late dinner, it was already 9pm local time when we got back. Tonight we had a great meal as well! 

Fatty Pork & Yam
Steamed S
iakap [Fish]
 Seafood Salad
 Seaweed Soup

After dinner we continue with a karaoke session, yep here at Hadthong Resort you can be sure to find many activities such as Mahjong, Bird Watching, or walking to the nearby [about 300m] to see beautiful sculptures. We had an earlier night because according to our itinerary tomorrow we are going to visit the highlight of the trip! I will share more about the resort in the final post of Phatthalung Thailand with Hadthong Resort 金海滩度假村水晶岛旅游区

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