Althea Latest addition, A'bloom! All your skin will need

By Gaylen KaSai - Monday, May 06, 2019

When it comes to K-Beauty products, Althea is a name that needs no introduction. This is my to-go place for the pat 3 years for anything K-Beauty and a year ago Althea started coming out with their own line of products, from the Althea Petal Velvet Powder, Althea Bare Essentials, The GIB Skin Detoxer, Althea Pore Purifying Cleanser, Sunaway, Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Sparkling Mist, and soon came the Althea Makeups which consist of the Eye Palette Sunrise & Moonrise Palette, Flawless Creamy Concealer, Spotlight Eye Glitter and Watercolor Cream Tint with the Skin Relief Spot Film Gel. I got so excited with this release that I made a lengthy video! Watch it here on my YouTube Channel.  Next Althea launched the Waterful Green Bamboo Pads which I have yet to get my hands on!  And If you think that’s the end, well surprise surprise because here comes more!

I am so excited to introduced to you the latest addition to the Althea Family, A’bloom which
is also Althea’s very first beauty tool. Beauty blenders has become a very important step in skin care routine, haven’t they? But would you believe it that this is my very first beauty blender? Because beauty blenders in the market cost a bomb and I have been very used to using my fingers or brushes. So I was very excited to know that A.Bloom now has Baby Meringue Puff and Giant Meringue Puff! Yay! There are so affordable too! Now let’s check out the puffs.

The Meringue Puffs comes in 2 sizes. Giant and Baby. The Giant puffs is great for wide areas such as forehead and cheeks while the baby one is great for under eyes, nose and nasolabial. These sponges are really cure and they look really yummy! They feel soft and spongy. These sponges are best used when damp and they will expand approximately 1.5 times their original size too! I used it with my Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer and yes I must say that it does a better job than my fingers. My complexion is smoother and less streaky. You know sometime when using fingers, you kinda miss out certain places. Here’s a
Tutorial Video.


Next is the  A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster, I don’t really have much blackhead but I have a lot of whiteheads so I am putting some high hopes on this one. The BHA Blackhead Blaster help to unclog pores easily. It is formulated with a misture of BHA and Apricot Seed Powder, using both manual and chemical exfoliation methods to give you a gentle but effective cleanse.

This helps to clear existing blackheads while minimizing enlarged pores, and preventing future black and whiteheads from forming. Charcoal and tea tree extracts also help to detoxify and control excess sebum production, which I really need since the recent episode of breakout. The BHA Blackhead Blaster is so easy to use too, all you have to do is massage the product onto targeted areas in a circular motion for about a minute and rinse off! It is advisable to use this after cleansing your skin so that you get the best result. Here’s a demo. Lol.

A mask a day, keeps the bad skin away! Yes, a mask is my nightly routine. I try my best not to miss a night, as lazy or tired as I may be. I have different ranges of Mask, some for weekly and some for everyday and  A’bloom Sheet Masks  just made it into my Everyday Stash! The packaging is so adorable, every variant has thier own fruit design whihc I find really cute and if you are on Instagram Stories, you will be please to know that they have their own GIF’s. Just type abloom and you will see all the gifs!  A’bloom Sheet Masks comes in 4 different formulas to suit your needs. The A’bloom sheet masks is thin and sticks very well to the face. Each mask is packed with 25 grams of Fruit essence, which is a lot. You can apply the balance  of the essence onto your elbows and knees, I guess we all already know how to use sheet mask don’t we? After cleansing and toning, place the mask on for 10-20 minutes and taa daa, soft, bright, healthy supple skin!

The 4 variants are  The Water-Me-Long Moisturizing Sheet Mask is perfect for hydrating skin! Helps prevents dry flakes from forming and soothes away redness too!

The Avo-Cuddle-Me Sheet Mask is a Nourishing mask! Rich in antioxidants from avocados and hibiscus flowers to give the skin some anti-aging goodness, preventing signs of aging and fine lines from appearing.

Acne problem? Well Ac-Me-Peach Sheet Mask to the rescue! This mask contains  peach and tea tree extracts to treat spots as well as minimize enlarged pores. This currently my favourite because I am going thru a Acne Episode of my life right now.

Lastly Sparkle-Me-Bright Sheet Mask! Dull, tired complexions will really benefit when using this one thanks to a blast of vitamin C derived from lemon and lime extracts. It’s also got green tea and niacin-amide to revitalize and beat dark spots. The result? You’ll be left with radiant, bright skin!

Did I mention how much these mask cost? RM15 for 10 sheets! This is so affordable, there is no more excuses on not masking! There is a promotion now of 10+10 which means RM 15 for 20 sheets of mask! I already bought 90 pieces for myself and I can’t wait for them to arrive. Should I do a giveaway on my social media?

Well! So this is the current A’Bloom collection and I sure hope that they will keep on coming up with more products. You can check out the WHOLE ALTHEA COLLECTION HERE . For more K-Beauty check out  

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  1. Those Meringue Puffs are just too cute i wanna eat them! hahaha!

  2. ah this is a nice collection. I especially like the cute packaging of Refreshing Sheet Masks. Enjoy pampering yourselves with it

  3. Everyone's raving about this!!! want the puffs the most!!! So cuteee eeee!! Mask looks good too! ❤️

  4. love the packaging of the masks, so cute! and the meringue puffs too!

  5. The puffs are just too cute! Seems like dessert!

  6. I love everything in this collection! Want to just try them all <3

  7. where did you buy this mask? is the blackhead mask worth it? because usually when I buy mask for blackhead, is not worth it at all, and I didn't fill the different

  8. All the masks seem so nourishing to the skin! Definitely would check this out.

  9. Skin treatment is the best! Make sure to also do your routine dental treatment!

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