[Day 3 ] Phathallung Thailand with Hadthong Resort 金海滩度假村水晶岛旅游区

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Our third day in Phatthalung was more relaxed as we did most of the sightseeing on Day 2, and kept only the best for today. We woke up and took our breakfast at the hotel, we were served Western breakfast. After breakfast, we toured around the resort for a bit taking in all its beauty and then we headed to our last destination for this trip.
Going around the cave was really fun.
Heartfelt Cave 温馨洞 ถ้ำสุขใจ
I think I am beginning to have a thing for caves
Heartfelt Cave is rather new and has not been visited by many. It is located somewhere between Nam Yen Cave and Khao Chaison Hot Springs. Until the time of visit this cave is actually a private cave which is only open to customers of Hadthong Resort and Travelling and is definitely worth the visit. I have never seen so many crystal limestone in my life before this and they are beautiful.
This is how 温馨洞 got its name, The Crystal Limestone on my right looks like a heart. Do you see it?
When you arrive you will be given headlamps and You will need to do a super short hike like maybe around 200 meters to reach the entrance of the cave. One you enter you will be amazed at how huge this cave is, and how small you really are. Lol. I feel smaller than most people of course. If you try switching off all your lights, it is total darkness in there. Lol. To walk around the whole cave [ some sections are still closed to public ] will be around 350 meters and will take around 2 hours [ with all the photo taking ]
This one looks like sampan [boat]
The guide will tell you stories about the cave and will share with you the interesting formations that is there and if you are creative enough you might be able to see some of your own formations. Do remember not to touch these Crystal Limestone because you will kill it, they are alive which allows them to keep on shining and slowly more and more crystals is formed but once you touch it, over time it will become black and die. So please do not kill nature.
They were shining! Photos and Videos can never do them enough justice. One has gotta see it to believe it
Let me share with you some formations which I find really cool, and maybe when you go and the guide doesn’t tell you then you can find it yourself.
A river of Crystals, this is one of my favorite. I wish I could really just scoop it up! 

Do you see a small figure right in the middle of this pic? what does it look like to you?

This one looks like an Owl
温馨洞 you captured our hearts

I found plenty of them of the ground too! 
Hi Grandma! Do you see it?
If you are wondering how does it feel when you are inside the cave, well first of all I expected it to be stuffy, but it wasn't and I expected mosquito [silly me] there weren't any. It was in fact very cooling but all the hiking and walking will make you sweat.

See this photo? Lol don't be deceive by it because we were both really sweaty and sticky so yes...ewwweee.  There's another limestone formation that I find pretty cool, It looks like Penis & a Vagina. Lol yes, and if you are good at taking photos and get the correct angle you might get 'The Photo' hahaah! I have it... but I will show you some other time or you can PM me and I wills how you. LOL. I will be creating an Album on my Facebook soon, so do check it out there. 

ร้านอาหาร แก่งหูแร่

After visiting 温馨洞 we went to have our lunch at a very interesting and unique place. ร้านอาหาร แก่งหูแร่ . This place is famous among the locals especially on weekends and public holidays. You can find a huge variety of street food here or you can order from the restaurant too. You will be seated in a hut by the river bank and enjoy your food sitting on the floor, if you have kids with you they will love this place because its like a natural theme park where kids and adults can play in the river, but please remember to bring a spare change of clothes and it can be quite hot when there is no wind so if you have small fan then do bring for it will make a difference in your dining experience.
Hadthong Resort [金海滩度假村]

After lunch we went back to the resort and took our showers and sadly bid Hadthong Resort Goodbye. Our 3D2N trip ended in a glimpse but we know that we will be back real soon. We dropped by 7-11 Thailand and Tesco in Phathallung [ near the railway station] on our way back to Penang.

Before I end my 3D2N blog about Phathallung I would love to share with you about our stay at Hadthong Resort. It was a very comfortable stay, nothing fancy but they have all the basic things you need. The staffs are friendly and helpful. Facilities such as Karaoke Room, Mahjong is available for you to enjoy. Sunrise view is just too beautiful with the chirping of the birds.

There are different types of rooms available. Let me share with you.

Hadthong House

The Hadthong House can fit up to 10 people depending on your sleeping arrangements. This house has all the basic necessities and also a rooftop balcony. WiFi is also available .It would be a great place if you are going in a big group ad would love to do a steamboat or BBQ night. The view would be Songkhla Lake with No obstructions.

Crystal Room

The Crystal Room comes with Crystal Double or Crystal Twin. You can consider this room if its just the 2 of you and you prefer some privacy and a great view. This house has all the basic necessities and also a rooftop balcony. WiFi is also available. The view would be Songkhla Lake with No obstructions.

Hadthong Resort

The Hadthong Resort is the most basic ones which comes with Standard Double, Standard Triple, Standard Twin and Family. The one we took was Standard Twin, and these rooms are all equipped with he basic necessities, WiFi and a balcony too. The view might be obstructed depending on which room you get, ours was obstructed by trees. Lol but it was good enough for me. The price for these room per night is THB650 which is really worthwhile. The different bedding options price ranges from THB650 - THB1000
Let me show you the most beautiful place in Hadthong Resort. The garden. I love to just sit here while waiting for the driver. Its always nice and cooling here. On day 1 we chilled and drank beer here till early in the morning. Lol. In the morning you can sit here and just watch the birds and the sunrise, it is really very pretty.  

I truly enjoyed this trip and has a great time in Phathallung, I enjoyed my stay at Hadthong Resort and Travelling has been great and accommodating in every way possible. I would highly recommend this resort because it was nice, quiet and has a view to die for. My sincere appreciation to all the staffs of Hadthong Resort for their warm and friendly gesture of and my heartfelt special thanks to my Tour Guide, Xiao Yong and driver Shon. Last but not least, if you would love to travel here hassle free you can contact Hadthong Resort on Facebook . My 3D2N package was at THB5500 per pax inclusive of Food, Accommodation, Transfer, Sightseeing.


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  1. The caves looks beautiful! The hotel rooms looks comfy too. I am wondering is there water heater in the bathroom? I am going to have water heater installation for my bathroom as I really couldnt stand the cold water. This will be the place I wanted to stay when i visit this december.

  2. Loving your vacation! Don't forget to do your routine dental treatment for a beautiful smile in all the pictures you take during holidays!

  3. The hotel definitely looks cozy and comfortable. Bedroom renovation is one of my professional skills and I have years of experienced for it. Check us out and be impressed by our work!