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By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, July 05, 2019

It's not frequent that an international event takes place at Penang Island, so it was such an
honour to have attended the Taiwan Expo 2019 a few days ago  at Setia Spice Convention Center. The expo was huge with more than 100 manufacturers across 110 booths which participated in the exhibition. There were 12 themed pavilions and two exhibit areas which were used for selected highlights. Penang is honoured because The Taipei City Government also participated in the expo for the second consecutive year where a pavilion under the theme of “Taipei Your Partner” was set up at the expo. 

“Taipei Your Partner” introduces diverse aspects of Taipei to local visitors and manufacturers through four sub-themes: “Invest Taipei,” “Fine Goods Taipei,” “Travel Taipei” and “Connect Taipei” and there were 14 Taipei companies which participated  at the “Taipei Your Partner” Pavilion. 

At “Fine Goods Taipei”  I found many familiar products such as the “SEXYLOOK” & “MIRAE” facial mask which is one of the most popular brands in Taiwan, you can find these mask at Sasa outlets or even get them online on the Official Mirae|IQueen Website  There was even a some new mask which I have not seen before. There were also many other innovative goods such as  wearable electric scarf which was at the WORLDiBUY kiosk in ‘Taipei, Your Partner’ booth. WORLDiBUY has so many other very innovative products which made me spend most of my time there. There was this really cute Owl with moving eyes and is actually a CCTV.  They even have a really cool party glass! There was one thing that caught my eye was the Tooth Spray by Toothfilm , they have a spray which is use for kids to spray in their mouth and prevent cavities and I feel this is really great especially if you are having trouble in getting your child to brush their teeth. Too bad this product is yet to
be for sale in Malaysia Market, anyone wants to be the distributor? 

If you like travelling then here’s one app that you might be familiar with, KKday. “Travel Taipei” allows people to experience the KKday online platform, with staff introducing Taipei’s abundant tourist attractions. KKday also allows travelers to flexibly design their own itineraries, making travel arrangements easier and more comfortable. A lot of individual travelers stopped to inquire about travel packs.

“Invest Taipei” mainly introduces the living environment and investment opportunities in Taipei, I personally find Taipei a great place and also one that holds many opportunities. Invest Taipei is also linked to “Connect Taipei.” 

Personally I feel that such expo is great for our economics as aside from inviting Taipei companies to participate in the exhibition, the Taipei City Government has also been communicating actively  with Malaysian business and industrial groups in order to promote exchanges between international cities, enhancing bilateral economic and trade energies. For further business exchanges with local business groups, The Taipei City Government witnessed the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT), the city’s largest business organization, signed memorandum of understanding with the Malaysian International

Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI), Penang Chamber of Commerce, and the SME association of Seberang Perai to strengthen future strategic cooperation. It is hoped that more cooperation opportunities will be created through exchanges with locally recognized civil organizations in Malaysia. In short, the Taiwan Expo is worth visiting as you will broaden your horizons, allowing you to see a wider range of opportunities and choices.The Taiwan Expo is happening at Setia Spice Convention Center from 5th July to 6th July 2019! Do visit the expo as well as ‘Taipei, Your Partner’ Pavilion 103!

For more information about business opportunities in Taipei, do visit The Department of Economic Development Taipei City Government  or  The Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei 

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