By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, July 05, 2019

Taiwan Expo 2019 was recently held in Penang for the first time ever at Setia Spice Convention Center Penang, with the aim of reaching out to more Malaysians. In the previous 2 years the expo was held in the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.
Over the last two years, Taiwan Expo has attracted near 200,000 awe-struck consumers and trade participants to such eye-opening pavilions as Taiwan Excellence, Halal, Green, Healthcare and Design. The Expo’s objective is to strengthen relations between Taiwan and ASEAN countries. We hope the Expo serves to make everyday life more convenient and pleasant, as well as facilitate opportunities to expand trade cooperation in the Asian region. This year marks their 3rd year in Malaysia and I am very glad to have attended the event. There were many exciting products that were lined up for displayed showcasing the scope and depth of Taiwanese research and development in a wide variety of fields. 
There was one exhibit which caught my attention was a Taiwanese Massage Chair by Tokuyo. This advanced massage chair is one of the most emblematic models from TOKUYO flagship series. Its intelligently 4D Japan robot provides actual movements of a professional masseur. Evolved from the comfort of First Class, the unique double slide track design is also the leading feature in the world.
The latest model is TC-682+AVS, now what is AVS? AVS is Audio Visual Stimulation. Thanks to this function will help people with insomnia sleep better and for the rest of us it will help us relax better because of the audio function which will begin from meditation to different stages which will allow us to gradually fall in REM [Sleep Cycle]  and also the light which will help us sleep. Honestly, it is one of the best Massage chairs I have tried. 
Another product which The Rightest Blood Glucose Monitoring System by Bionime is another highlight products. The Rightest CARE is an extended product from Bluetooth glucose meter. Through mobile phone auto syncing, it collects complete glucose data. With its big data analysis and artificial intelligence, it provides exact innovation and changes to satisfy the desire of both diabetes patients and medical professionals. Furthermore, the solution matches strict personal data protection regulations around the world.
Today, it is the only one solution which provides mutual way data communication between the patients, the family and medical professionals, allowing all stakeholders to link with one another in the loop. At the end of the day, diabetes patients need not only a mobile app to record their glucose data, but an everyday partner who can fit in their daily lives and walk them through the difficulties they have been facing with diabetes. 
There were 2 exhibit ares which was Taiwan Lifestyle Area and Taiwan Product Centre. The 6  Major Pillars were  Smart City & Industry 4.0, Green Tech, Healthcare, Halal Taiwan, Taiwan Lifestyle and Tour Taiwan. There are 12 different themed pavilions which are the E-commerce Pavilion, Taiwan Agriculture Pavilion, Taiwan Beauty Pavilion, Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, Taiwan Green Products Pavilion, Taiwan Halal & Bubble Tea Pavilion, Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion, Taiwan Tourism Pavilion,- Taipei Your Partner Pavilion, Taiwan Indigenous' Hub, Excellent Taiwan's Export Processing Zones, and Taiwan Smart City Pavilion. Throughout the event there are ongoing sessions of  Industry Forums,Stage Activities and One-on-one Trade Meetings Green technologies was also featured prominently under the banner of smart cities green technology solutions, green building material for sustainable development, and technologies that promote environmentally responsible lifestyles.
There was so many exhibits that I actually spent a long time at the expo. This has been a really interesting expo and I would surely attend in coming years if they were to hold it here in Penang. So for you guys who wish to attend do follow their OFFICIAL WEBSITE to be updated from time to time. 

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