The Sun is Out and Your Skin is Thirsty

By Gaylen KaSai - Sunday, August 11, 2019

We all know the drill in making sure our skin is healthy and glowy! Yes, its none other than keeping our skin hydrated, which is why there are tons of hydrating and moisturizing products in the market. From the very expensive ones to affordable ones, each claiming their best in keeping skin hydrated. I have been through quite a few, expensive to affordable. I have my few Fav’s and today I would like to share one of them with you. 

The Miniel Skinlab Powerful Hydrating Combo, yes not 1 but 2 products that is going to leave your skin all dewy and glowy. Miniel Skinlab’s mission is to create a stress-free skincare for all and making sure it is affordable too. Currently Miniel Skinlab has 2 products and I surely hope they will be coming out with more, because I personally find that the ingredients used are of quality and the best part is that it is reasonably priced so that everyone can have flawless skin. 

Hydraque Boost Serum
The serum comes in a 30ml, glass pump bottle and its powerful contents in blue, the blue of the ocean. I really like the packaging, everytime I pick the bottle up it never fails to put a little smile on my face. This is my current go-to serum which can be used day & night. I used it after toner and as always I am amazed at how fast it absorbs into my skin. This serum is also really lightweight just like what they claim and it really feels like I have nothing on. The key ingredients used in the Hydraque Boost Serum is Yeast Extract and of course Hyaluronic Acid and these two ingredients when combined together promotes skin regeneration and hydration. With that being said this serum is suitable for all skin types. When I started using it , I definitely had doubts because of its price. It is priced at RM87.30 [after discount] and for a serum that is really affordable. After a week of usage I find that my skin is much smoother and my wounds [from picking on acne] seem to heal faster than before. That was the moment I decided that ‘Yes, I like this serum and I will be sticking to it for a bit now’. If you have dry skin like myself  you can easily test this product out on the back of your hands, you will see how fast the product absorbs into the skin. 

Hydraque Gel Mask

The other Miniel Skinlab’s product is the Hydraque Gel Mask, which comes in a 50gm jar and ocean like blue gel that I feel in love with. There is also a spatula that comes with it. The main ingredients in the Gel Mask would be Kudzu Root Extract and Fruit Extract. This mask is also suitable for all skin types especially for my skin type :- Dry. Its currently priced at RM60.30 [after discount] I still remember the first impression that this mask gave me, my skin felt a cooling sensation and was so relaxed and calm just like me sitting by the beach feeling the breeze on my face.

The Hydraque Gel Mask also soothes and calm inflamed skin especially useful when I have been out in the sun all day long. It also promotes cell regeneration, and increases skin elasticity while softening skin and reducing fine lines. I used the hydraque mask 3 times a week although the instructions says two, because I have very dry skin and I felt that this has helped a lot in keeping my skin hydrated. Do note that this mask has to be washed off after 15 minutes to 20 minutes, I usually leave it up to 20 minutes but I must say that like all gel mask, I dislike the removing part. The reason is because in order to thoroughly remove the gel from my face I spend quite a bit of time getting it done, and sometimes I will just wash them off using a sponge instead of my hands. 
Good News

Now, here’s the good news for those of you who would love to try Miniel Skinlab’s products. There is a promotion going on at and on top of that you can get another 5% discount  with the promo code below. Free Shipping too!


Hydraque Gel Mask 
RM97.00 [Normal Price]
RM60.30 [after discount] 
RM57.29 [with Promo Code]

Hydraque Boost Serum 
RM67 [Normal Price]
RM87.30 [after discount] 
RM82.94  [with Promo Code]

For more information logon to their website and follow their social media accounts. 

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  1. where do you find this skin care? I really want to try it.