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By Gaylen KaSai - Sunday, September 15, 2019

Have you ever dream of winning a car? If you have, this might be your chance to make dreams into reality because Honda Malaysia’s Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign is giving out 9 Honda Car Models to 9 lucky Malaysians. This campaign will be running at all 90 Honda Dealers nationwide and also thru the Honda Malaysia’s Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign which is running until September 2019.

How can you participate?

Honda -  Firstly, you can visit your nearest Honda Dealer and take part in the fun activities arranged by Honda Malaysia, such as Search and Snap a Hidden Car Emblem, Test Drive a Honda Car, Book a Honda Car, Register a Honda Car, and servicing your existing Honda at Honda Authorized Service Center. Each activity will entitle you a ticket, so the more tickets you have the higher chances of winning a brand New Honda Car. 

That’s not all, as Honda Malaysia has partnered with Unifi Malaysia, Syok and Tealive too! And this means anyone and everyone can join the Honda Malaysia’s Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign, even Boba tea fans. 

Tealive - You love your boba milk tea! Great because that cup of Boba might just bring you a Brand New Honda! Visit any Tealive Outlet, and grab your favourite drink. Look for a “Tealive X Road to Breakthrough” Standee  and strike a pose next to it! Complete this Slogan “Tealive and Honda are……” and send it to the Whatsapp Hotline ‘ 0176194750’ with the photo that you took with your particulars. 

Sample: Tealive and Honda are both inspiring brands which promotes breakthrough. Gaylen Hong. 960905-35-7538 ,

Syok - An app by Astro Radio which is a multilingual and lifestyle platform that offers Malaysians live radio, original videos and much more. Syok, Everything got! So download this app on your mobile phone and fill in the form [] and you are in the running for a brand new Honda! It's really that simple. 

Unifi - Are you a unifi user? Well, if you are, I bet you are already using the mobile app! If not just go download the app and update your profile and just by doing that you are already in the running! It cannot get simpler than this can it?
If you need more information, you may visit the Campaign’s website  or visit Honda Malaysia’s Facebook Page 

If you were to win, which Honda Car Model would you choose? Thanks to Honda Malaysia’s recent Blogger’s Test Drive PNG 2019 which I was fortunate enough to attend I already know which model I would love to own.  Blogger’s Test Drive PNG 2019, was a great experience for me, definitely the first of its kind experience. We weren’t told what was going to happen on the event day until the even day. So everything was a surprise. If you followed me on IG, you would have seen my stories and how much fun we had. If you haven’t seen them, you still could as I’ve already highlighted them on my Instagram Stories [

Early in the morning, full of excitement, I went to the meeting point which was Nomad Cafe at Icon City. After breakfast and a welcome speech, followed by product presentation and Test drive briefing we were ushered to where the cars were parked. There were 6 of us and we were told to pick a partner, I partnered with Christina. There were 3 Honda Car Models, which is Honda CR-V (2019), Honda HR-V Hybrid and Honda Civic Turbo. We will all be taking turns to test drive all 3 models. Our route for the day was Icon City- Batu Kawan - Balik Pulau - Karpal Singh Drive - BUkit Jambul - Icon City. Well, yes that’s basically half of Penang Island already. Snack Packs, and drinks were all prepared for us in the respective cars as well as Touch N Go and GPS in case we get lost, which is not possible if we follow the convoy as instructed by the Lead

We started of with the Honda HR-V Hybrid, which we were supposed to drive to Juru Sentral and then to Eco Horizon, Batu Kawan. Christina took the wheel first until we reached Batu Kawan where we were given a demonstration on Honda Sensing which I am fascinated by and after that I took the wheel of the Honda HR-V and drove all the way into the island. Soon after reaching the island we swap cars. Now we are driving the Honda Civic Turbo which we will take all the way up to Balik Pulau where we had lunch at Botanica Mansion and also a Space and Versatility Demonstration which is very impressive.

We took the Honda Civic Turbo back to Karpal Singh and then Honda 3s Center Kah Motor Malaysia at Sungai Pinang. Next we swap cars again, and this time we are in the Honda CR-V, but we were chauffeured to Bukit Jambul, so that we could experience what it's like to be seated in the back seat. After Christina took the wheel of the Honda CR-V and drove back to mainland Penang via the Second Bridge and as soon as we passed the toll I took over the wheel to drive the final leg back to Nomad Cafe. 

I drive the Highway almost everyday and from my many years of driving experience, from SUV to MPV to Sedans, I must say that this Bloggers Test Drive has definitely broaden my knowledge on cars. Each Honda car models has its uniqueness, each leaving me in awe. I will share with you my favorite in awhile. Let’s start with my take on the Honda HR-V.

Honda HR-V Hybrid i-DCD. In my personal opinion, This car is best suited for ladies because it is smaller than the CR-V but not in space. The storage capacity for the HR-V is very impressive, as the Multi-Cargo Space which features 3 customization modes for your lifestyle such as TALL MODE where rear seats can be folded up, so you get floor-to-ceiling space, LONG MODE where front passenger and rear seats can be reclined to fit long items, perfect for Ikea Trips! Especially when we have them now in Penang! And not to forget UTILITY MODE, where rear seats can be lowered to free up space in the back.

You should know by now I am fun size, which means when ever I drive I will need to adjust the seats, and the Honda HR-V is great because it has 8-Way Driver Power Seat! So much better than my current car. Lol. Passenger seats also has a large legroom, Business class seats definitely. The Honda HR-V Hybrid is powered by the Sport Hybrid i-DCD system, where its a combination of electric motor and a 1.5L engine with direct injection, which ensures optimum fuel efficiency and an exhilarating performance.

Next would be the Honda Civic Turbo, well this may be many’s favorite but in fact my least, reason is because I prefer bigger and taller cars compared to Sports ones like Civic because I am after all driving one that's almost similar range to the Civic. One this that I love about the Civic Turbo is its ability to allow the driver to start the engine even before entering the car with its Remote Engine Start. Perfect for Malaysian weather. The Honda Civic also has a 519L Cargo Space which is huge for a sedan, and the Honda Civic also features the 8-Way Driver Power seat just like the HR-V. Passenger of the Honda Civic can also enjoy a cooler ride because this car features Rear Air Conditioning Ventilation. 

Now, let's talk about my personal favorite of the 3, the Honda CR-V, which features one of the coolest technology I know, The Honda Sensing. Honda Sensing is actually a driver assist system and I am amazed at what it can do to make driving much more pleasant and safer too! Definitely Next level!  Honda Sensing utilizes a radar and camera to detect imminent danger and reduce the likelihood of a collision. Once activated, Take for example [ Lane Departure Warning] where the steering wheel will vibrate and alert you when it senses that you are drifting out of lane without turning on the signals. This is really good for highway driving as sometimes we experience micro sleeps and that 1 nano second could kill us. There are  other features such as [Lane Keep Assist System] where it alerts you and gently correct your steering to bring you back to the center of the lane. Another one is the [Low Speed Follow] where it starts and stops automatically with the flow of traffic, another great feature for highway driving. 

The Honda CR-V is definitely my favorite, perhaps one day I will do a full review on it after I own the car? Yes, I hope I can win on Honda CR-V, join me in the contest by going to a Honda Showroom near you, Test Drive these Honda Cars and you stand a chance too! Just by Test- Driving! For more information, logon to the Campaign Website or Visit their Facebook Page!


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  1. Yes... CR-V is my fav too among these three. I loveeee their safety features n their design

  2. Wow! CRV is just the best! Do check out our dental clinic for your routine dental treatment!