Let's do our part and change our outdoor lights!

By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, October 17, 2019

Today let’s talk about something different. It's not going to be about beauty products, skincare or anything like that. Let’s talk about saving energy! Yes, I mean we have already succeeded with the No Plastic Bags and No Plastic Straws right. Omg are you still using plastic straws? Please, you can do better than that! Think about the turtles. 
Alright, let's talk about lights instead. Most times I leave the house I actually forget to turn the outdoor lights off, because it's bright and shining outside, I'd never realize the lights are still on from the night before. This got me thinking, and researching. I know that timer lights do exist, but as I was searching I found something even more exciting. A solar powered light. That’s even better than timer because its totally energy saving which means I won’t be using electricity. Yay for the bill. So I got a few units of these Solar Powered Lamp from CBM GREEN Integrated Solar Street Lamp and found them very useful. Apart from being energy saving these outdoor lamps is easy to install. There’s no need for the electrician because its totally wire free!  
Have you ever wondered how the solar lighting system works?
Well during the day time, when the sun is out the solar cells collects sunlight and inverters converts them into electricity and lucky for us in Malaysia because we have sun throughout the year. The electricity that is collected is then stored in a battery so that it can be used later. In the night, the battery supplies the electricity to the light fixtures until the amount of stored energy is gone and the process then repeats. Yes, these lights need to be charged in the sunlight, and we are lucky because we have a lot of sunlight here in Malaysia. A full charge could give you easily 8 to 12 hours of light depending on the brightness that you set .
The CBM GREEN Integrated Solar Street Lamp that I have with me comes with a remote control for you to control its brightness, or alternatively you could always set it to Motion Sensor like I do. There is an inbuilt timer of 3 hours, 5 hours or 8 hours too. Since we are all about going green and saving mother earth, I feel that changing our outdoor lights to solar powered lamps is a big step. Everyone of us can actually make a difference just by changing our outdoor lights to solar powered ones. Imagine if all the car park areas in our condominiums, our shopping malls,complexes, schools, pathways, streets were solar powered, that is a really big move to save mother nature. I would honestly love to see this happen.
I also came across a few articles on how these Solar Powered Lamps have helped those in the rural areas where they are not as privileged as we are when it comes to electricity and some have never even heard of electricity. Many people in the rural areas have benefited from the solar powered lamps as well.  

The CBM GREEN Solar Street Lamp cost RM196 with a 3 month warranty period. So,let's do our part and together we can make a difference. If you are ready to change your lights to solar powered ones, do check out the CBM GREEN Solar Street Lamp on their Facebook Page [ CBM GREEN ] for more information. Oh ya, these lights works really great as an emergency light too! just remember to charge them under the sun!

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  1. Inspiring advice! Don't forget to do your routine dental treatment for a beautiful smile!

  2. is the solar panel working good? because I've tried using outdoor lamp with solar panel. it not working at all. so I have to plug it and its cost alot