Laser in the eye? Yes, it is possible.

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I remember when I was in High School, the school prefect will always stop me during assembly asking me the weirdest question, “Did you put on eye-shadow?” I would roll my eyes and told them “Yes, I did and it cannot be removed, don’t believe? Here you go “ and I had to use a tissue to wipe off to prove to them I did not or else I will end up with a demerit point. Why would a 13 year old put on eye shadow? I didn’t even know about eye-shadow back then. I never really put much thought to except trying to avoid the prefects at all cost. It was until recently when I came to find out that my dark circles were actually caused by higher dark pigments around my eye area. When the Doctor told me that, I realize my high school drama finally made sense. After a lot of Google research I came to know that  Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by both plethora of veins under the eyes and normal hyper-pigmentation of the skin. 

So, let’s get back to the time I started aesthetic treatments on my eye area. Ever since I knew what dark circles and started to be bothered by them  [which was probably when I was 22], my lifetime mission was to get rid of them. I have tried several methods since then from Eye creams, Serums, Gels, Eye Mask, Eye Roller, The Teabags Trick, The Cold Spoon Trick and even Filler and Mesotherapy. Well if you understood Teabags Trick & Cold Spoon Trick, please read on, because I feel you. So I did Filler once way back but it didn’t last, it lasted barely a week. I then tried Mesotherapy where whitening solution was injected. I didn’t see much difference [and I swelled up like I was hit in the eyes for days, the downtime was too much so I didn’t follow up. 

I visited Ido’s Clinic which has 7 outlets around Malaysia, and one being in my lovely little island. I could not be more glad. Dr. Tan of Ido’s Clinic, Bay Avenue consulted me on 23rd September. She took a white marker and drew the places she feels could be enhanced.
1) Dark Eye Circles + Sunken Eyes
2) Hollowness on the side of my Cheeks
Wow! Not many doctors noticed the Hollowness on the sides of my cheeks, Dr.Tan asked if I did any treatments to purposely hollowed that part of the face so that it gives me a ‘V’ shape face. No! It was nothing like that, age did that. You all should know, as we age our face kinda changes because we lose collagen and the ability to rebuild as well which is why we consume collagen powders/pills daily. Anyways, that’s another story. Let’s get back to the eyes. 

Dr. Tan suggested that I did a few treatments.

1) Ocular Treatment + Laser + Filler for the eyes
2) Fillers for the Hollowness on the side of my Cheeks 

On that day itself we did the Ocular Treatment. I have done so many laser treatments but this was one that I never imagined possible. To laser the inside of the eye area, to be specific. The lower inner eyelid, I cringe. We will be using the raved about Fotona 4D machine. I will tell you more about the machine later.

The surface of the skin is treated with an ND: YAG Laser as well. 

For the inside of the eye, this treatment started with Dr. Tan putting a few drops of ‘Eye Drops’ into my eyes. These eye drop is actually a numbing agent, to ensure that I feel minimal discomfort. After the numbing effect took place. Dr. Tan took out 2 Steel Covers, its shaped like ‘half a circle’ and she was going to place these 2 steel cover into my eyes. Yes. Just like how we put on contact lens but mind you these steel covers were huge! I was afraid of course, if you have watched the video you would have realized I actually asked Dr.Tan if I could turn blind because of this procedure. Lol. You won’t because these 2 steel cover protects your eyes from the heat that the laser emits. The procedure from placements of the eye drops to removing the steel covers took about 30 mins tops with all the explanation etc. All I felt was minor pressure. I didn’t feel any prickliness or heat tho Dr. Tan kept asking if I did. I guess the numbing worked pretty well on me. At 30 mins, That’s pretty fast, and what’s great is that there is no downtime. I felt and look entirely like myself, no swell, no bruises. 

The Ocular Treatment [ Inside ] was done with the Fotona 4D which is the first machine that has expanded capabilities of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG wavelengths. Fotona's 4D laser treatment enables full-thickness contraction of collagen for persistent, low-downtime tightening and volumization (wrinkle reduction) without injectables. This treatment can correct sagging eyelids, reduce dark circles, attenuates bags, alleviates signs of fatigue and aging, diminishes crows feet and rejuvenates skin around the eyes. What Dr.Tan did was she performed the treatment using beam of the ER:YAG , one of Fotona’s unique patented techniques in the inner surface of the lower eyelid In layman terms, using heat from the machine to treat, so you might feel a little bit of heat and pressure from the steel cover. 

I did see a slight improvement on my dark circles about 2 weeks after. They definitely are lighter than they were before the Ocular Treatment which is why I am pretty excited for my second Ocular Treatment. This treatment cost about RM800 each time and Here’s a before and after photo, you can’t see much difference due to lighting. The before was before I visited Ido’s Clinic, the after is 2 weeks after the Ocular Treatment and before my filler treatment. I will share more about the filler and also erasing those tiny facial veins in my next post. Yes. Did you know that those veins can actually be removed too? I was so glad to find out.  

Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about this treatment, feel free to visit Ido’s Clinic for a consultation. 

Contact :  +60 12-787 5992
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