#Glamsquadpg goes Glamping at GLAMZ GENTING

By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, November 14, 2019

I’ve never been a fan of nature every since I was a child, I like the trees, waterfalls, and all those but I do not like the insects that comes with it, which is why in my teenage years I never joined the Girl Guides or anything similar to it which requires me to do all the nature stuff like campfire, camping, hiking and etc, instead I choose to take up Martial Arts. Lol. and here I am as a grown adult trying to do camping!

Thankfully, this isn’t the normal camping that we all know. It’s Glamping, yes! Camping in a Glamorous way or should I say camping without having to forego any of life’s luxuries such as electricity, toilet, clean water supply and a hot shower.

8 of us, including the kids made our way to GLAMZ AT GENTING to take on this one of a kind experience. We rented a car from New Bob Rent-A-Car & Tours and we were on our way. Thankfully our Toyota Innova could fit all our lugguages and more. Each and everyone of us especially the girls [ Christina, Carmen & Myself ] has our own thoughts and worries when it comes to staying outdoors in a camp, mine was mostly concerning the Mossies and the safety of the kids. This isn’t the kids first touch with nature because 2 years ago when Vegas was a teeny weeny baby we brought him all the way to Pahang to stay at one of the Forest Resorts where there wasn’t even Hot Water.
Photo from Glamz Website
What is #Glamzspace? Glamz is located at Lot PT22637, PT22638, PT22639, PT22640, Mukim Bentong, Daerah Bentong, Negeri Pahang [ You can find it on waze by searching for Glamz Genting ] It’s actually on the way up to Genting Highlands, and very close by Genting
Premium Outlets,  just a slight detour. 

As we were driving up it started raining and Since it wasn’t too high up in the highlands we didn’t really expect it to be cold, we arrived at around 2pm and as soon as we got out of the car we felt the chills. It was around 21 Degree Celsius as of that time, which was perfect for me. I couldn’t be happier to escape from the heat & humidity back home. We were welcomed by a very beautiful entrance, simple yet beautiful. 

There were 8 of us so we took the Family Dome which comes with 6 beds + 2 additional bed on request. The check in time was 3pm, so we took a tour around Glamz. There are different domes to cater for everyone. You can choose to stay in the Dome Room, VIP Dome with Private Jacuzzi, Bell Tent or the Family Dome. 

DOME ROOM The Dome Room is a single tent that measure 5m x 5m and comes with all the necessary amenities like Toilet & Shower, towels, hanging rack, personal storage basket, rubbish bin, standing mirror, hair dryer, drinking water, power supply, lights, fan, a sofa and synthetic grass flooring and curtains. Why I personally love this room is because there is a Hammock too! It will be very nice to lie in the hammock to admire the stars at night or lay there to read a book on a lazy afternoon. That’s what you do when you get close to nature, you try to disconnect from everyday life and chores. The Dome room can fit up to 4 pax [with additional inflatable beds] and 2 complimentary breakfast. 

VIP DOME with PRIVATE JACUZZI Measuring 7m x 7m, the VIP Dome is perfect for a couple or family who wishes for some privacy.  It comes with all the necessary just like the Dome room but with an additional Private Jacuzzi, which is great if you want some alone time. This dome could fit up to 6 pax [with additional beds] and yes it also comes with breakfast for 2 pax. 

BELL TENT If staying in a dome is not your idea of Camping, well this one is made for you. Sleep in a tent, exactly like how you would if you were camping outdoors but with all the necessities provided for your comfort. The bell tent also measure around 5m x 5m and there is a canopy over the tent to keep you dry just incase it rains. This tent is totally instagrammable too. It even has it’s own little mini garden. 

FAMILY DOME This is the dome that we stayed in, it measures 7m x 7m which is huge and could fit 6 beds easily. Comes with all the necessities and a small swinging chair. This dome is great if you are traveling in big groups like us, however if I were to compare which dome is more instagrammable, it will not be this. It has gotta be the other 3 above, this dome is great for team/family bonding tho which is part of our plan. 

Now let me share with you our experience, once we got all our luggages sorted out we freshened up and went around GLAMZ Genting to take lots of photos. There are 2 common rooms at GLAMZ where you will find all the board games, puzzles and card games, there are some in the reception room too.

Common Room 


Green House

Inside the Green House

This is the ceiling of the Biggest Dome in Glamz

The Green House, is where events take place. Perfect for events such as Birthday Parties, Weddings, and so on. At night when this place lights up, it feels and looks so magical. There
is also a cafe at GLAMZ just in case you are hungry and would rather stay in. The cafe is totally instagrammable. Interior made with Pallets and  different kinds of seating. It totally looks like Autumn in here. This is one of my favourite places to hang out.

Hanging out at the cafe, totally Instagrammable place

This is the cafe from the outside!

This is the inside of the cafe ..There is WiFi at the common areas but do not worry because your own network carrier signal is strong everywhere else. We didn't even login to the WiFi.

Other facilities include, Steam Room, Sauna, Public Jacuzzi [ warm water] and BBQ Pit [For
rent]. We rented the BBQ Pit for out Day 1 dinner, and yes we brought all our raw ingredients all the way from Penang to GLAMZ because there isn’t any grocery store nearby. I am sure you could get GLAMZ to prepare the Raw Meds for BBQ for you at additional cost. When you rent the BBQ Pit, GLAMZ would prepare a bag of charcoal and will help you start the fire too. You have to bring your own cutlery and BBQ Equipments such as skewers etc

BBQ Area

Kids in the Jacuzzi

We all in the Jacuzzi except the one holding the camera

Inflatable Playground

Do not worry that kids will be bored because they can be kept entertained with all the board games , card games and puzzles and also an inflatable playground. The adults will find much fun in this too,how often do you get to bounce in an inflatable playground like a kid?  Let loose and have a little fun, is what we did. After all we came here to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city didn’t we.  
The place Looks Spectacular at night, so alive

You know what I like about Glamz, there wasn’t much mozzies, mozzies came out to play only around 7pm for a few hours so be sure to fled around this time.  Lol. We had a really pleasant stay throughout our 3D2N at GLAMZ GENTING. We will be back. Stay tune to our video as we will show you more in the video!

If you need more information check out their website  https://glamz.com.my/ and follow them on social media too! Instagram https://www.instagram.com/glamzspace/  and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/glamzspace/

WAZE/Google Maps Location  Glamz At Genting

Kids had a great time bonding
 Family time at the cafe

Playing with Bubbles  for photo-shoot

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  1. I think I saw a lot of ppl post review about this before but this is the first tie I actually read the review properly. Such a nice place! I was thinking maybe I can have my family stay overnight here for a day or two while my house was having apartment renovation. Thanks for sharing and keep posting!

    1. Its a really wonderful place for a getaway. Thanks for reading ya and if you go, I hope you enjoy your stay :)

  2. What a good time! After enjoying your relaxing time with family, don't forget to do a dental treatment and keep your dental healthy!

  3. I am looking forward to visit this and relax as I am having trouble sleeping due to stress from my kids as they couldn't sleep at night. I think the wall colour of the my kids room is affecting them. If the colour is disturbing their sleep, I think I should get kids room painting service soon...