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By Gaylen KaSai - Tuesday, November 26, 2019

I have been active in the gym for the past 2 years and when people hear ‘protein’ and ‘exercise’ in the same sentence, most likely they will have the image of bodybuilders eating tons and tons of chicken breast or drinking protein shakes in order to maximise their gains but did you know that protein is equally important for everyone who hits the gym, playing sports, going for runs or doing other forms of exercise, so its not only for the pros. If you don’t get enough protein your body will break down muscles to meet your needs, causing the muscles to be weakened and slack. In addition, the body takes longer to recover after an injury, muscle and joint pains are also aggravated.
Protein is a macronutrient, and everyone needs it to maintain a healthy body. Protein helps our body to repair internal and external damage, supports the immune system and contributes to our overall well being. Protein is essential. According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, a daily intake of 25g of soy protein can help lower blood cholesterol too! Protein is also promotes bowel regularity, healthy heart, eyes, bones and muscles and prevents the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's in elderly

You know from a dietary point of view we get enough day to day protein from eating foods such as beans, soy protein products, nuts and other foods. Since I became active in the gym I supplement my daily diet with additional protein, but I can’t be taking 1kg of beans or nuts daily now can I? Instead I supplement my daily diet with drinks that contain more protein than others and sometimes protein bars. I have tried so many protein drinks, grain drinks, soy drinks and if you have tried this drink before you would know that they don’t taste the best until this one. 

I was invited to the launching of NH Soy Series by Herbalceutical (M) Sdn Bhd at SIS & CO, Petaling Jaya and I must tell you this, when I sampled the drink at the launch I was very happy. Finally a drink that taste so good! There are chewy bits inside the drink just like boba! Lol. I love it when I can chew my drinks

We all already know that soybeans are one of the best sources of protein as it has a complete amino acid profile, high in dietary fiber and low in saturated fat. So what better way to add protein into our daily intake? Soybeans drinks! As a plant protein, soybeans are free from cholesterol and lactose, so it is also suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

There are 2 variants from the NH Soy Series, which is the NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple.  NH Soy Seeds is made from organic peeled soybeans, organic Chia seeds and Basil seeds. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids while Basil seeds are high in minerals and fibre. Together, NH Soy Seeds pack a delicious punch with its chewy and crunchy texture. NH Soy Purple is a great source of VItamin C, Vitamin B, Manganese and iron and its high antioxidant content.  All purple sweet potatoes in NH Soy Purple undergo a freeze-drying technology to retain maximum nutritional value and its authentic taste

NH Soy Series uses all-natural ingredients without any artificial flavouring, colouring and preservative. This extraordinary drink is a great drink with high protein. Its so easy to prepare too! Just add 3 scoops [provided] of powder into a mug/shaker of cold/warm water [200 - 250ml] Stir/Shake well and you are done. NH Soy Seeds can be left for 5 minutes before drinking for best taste. You can also be creative and add it into yogurts too! Taste really good!  The NH Soy Series is perfect for the whole family including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, kids and elderly too. I give it to my kids as breakfast every morning and they love it. 

Get your NH Soy Series today at Watsons store nationwide or Watsons Online and Mobile App for only RM63.80 [800gm]. Visit www.nhsoyseries.com or visit their Facebook Page [NH Soy Series] for more information 

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  1. NH Soy series are phenomenal!!! My family and I were instantly hooked. We never have protein drinks in the house, but these were just so delicious. We bought a tin of it which lasted us almost one month! Haha. Last night we even fought over the bottom of the tin after having our private golf lessons! ;)

  2. Such a good meal replacement with all the plant goodness to maintain overall health & physique. To keep your dental health in check, click here to find out more.