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By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Tell me that you are not afraid of aging, because I am. I can’t stop aging, but I can choose to age gracefully right? Well, being in my 30’s is scary and fun at the same time. It is because I am in my 30’s I can do and try whatever I wish and also it is because I’m in my 30’s that I am always on the lookout for anti-aging products. From serums to creams to supplements.

Today I want to share something I recently learned and am currently consuming. Astaxanthin 6mg. Honestly, I wish I found out about this sooner tho. What is Astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid. Lol, well let’s keep it simple here instead of all the technical terms, shall we? So, Astaxanthin is actually a reddish pigment that belongs to a group of chemicals called carotenoids. It occurs naturally in certain algae and causes the pink or red color in salmon, trout, lobster, shrimp, and other seafood. What good is Astaxanthin? It is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants and has so many health benefits I that I was amazed and told myself to diligently take it each day.

Well, what I am going to share with you is what can Astaxanthin 6mg benefit your skin and why you should add it into your routine.

Astaxanthin helps to protect skin aging due to oxidation; oxidation simply means decay. You
know how you cut an apple and leave it in the room, and it oxidizes and turns brownish after a while. Yes. Something like that. Omg, the thought of my skin getting dull and wrinkly is actually scary. So if it scares you too, please continue reading.

Benefits of Astaxanthin 
1. Astaxanthin has been shown in clinical studies to increase skin moisture, moisture retention, elasticity, as well as promote skin smoothness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Astaxanthin has UV-blocking properties, which helps to assist the skin in protecting itself against sun-related damage. Bye dark spots!

3. Astaxanthin can neutralize multiple free radicals at once, protecting your skin and body from oxidation, damage, and inflammation.

4. Astaxanthin has been proven to increase blood flow, meaning that it will help your skin to have better circulation. Increased circulation has various benefits, including increased cell turnover, amplified elasticity, and increased water retention.

Astaxanthin can come in many forms such as skincare serums, creams and oils. Personally,
I take Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg, an oral supplement. This 6mg dark orange coloured vegetable capsule can help protect my skin cells from premature aging maintaining youthful skin from within. Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg will be my choice of supplement to reduce wrinkles, age spots and moisture loss.

2 months after taking Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg, scroll to bottom for BEFORE Do not use my dark circles to justify as you guys know I’ve had fillers done. Please just look at the skin.

My experience on Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg.

I could definitely see a lot of improvement on my skin because my skin feels so much softer and it definitely looks brighter and there are slight improvements on dark spots. They seem to lighten themselves faster than usual. Do note that I have stopped all other supplements including my collagen and also Vitamin C throughout the duration of me trying out Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg. I take one capsule daily, when I get up from bed on an empty stomach. I would highly recommend you to try Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg if you are looking for a supplement for your skin, and remember to drink lots and lots of water too because you can feel a little bit more thirstier than usual when you begin to take the supplement.

Astaxanthin 6mg is available at leading pharmacies such as Alpro, Caring, Guardian and

To find out more information on this product, please visit / or Bio-Life facebook at

Before Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg

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