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By Gaylen KaSai - Thursday, March 05, 2020

I just got back from my too-short holiday in the Isle of Gods! Bali… yes I left my heart & soul in Bali, I sure wish I was writing this from the desk in my villa overlooking the turquoise colored pool because being connected 24/7 with my Roaming Man Pocket Wifi actually allows me to do that! Sadly no, I am writing this on my desk at home overlooking my garden that actually needs trimming and a dog that needs a bath. 
This is my first time ever using the Roaming Man Pocket Wifi or any wifi for that matter and it was amazing! I basically have to stay connected at all times before this I would have just gotten a local SIM Card upon arrival and it isn’t always ideal because at certain countries you would need a permanent address, and sometimes the SIM Card doesn’t work with the phones and most SIM Cards has limited data usage and I would have usually drained them by day 2 because of all the IG Stories and also the Maps I’m using while travelling. All this is now behind me because the Roaming Man Pocket Wifi allows me to stay connected the moment I touch down. So, 
What is Roaming Man?

It is  a WiFi device that works without SIM cards or cables. Yay! RoamingMan offers a mobile internet service in 138++ countries around the world and you can connect up to 5 devices, yup laptops included and of course the more devices connected the faster the battery drains, I highly recommend only 2 devices [ Battery lasted a good 15 hours for me and our usage was high because of what we do ] The Roaming Man automatically connects you to the local carrier’s network with the strongest signals based on your location. No more worries about roaming fees, getting a shock when your bill comes, locked phones, language barrier which can happen among different local SIM cards.

It's so convenient, just turn on the Roaming Man WiFi device and start doing whatever you need online, there’s no need to install or configure anything, just switch it on, connect, use the password which is displayed on the device and you'll be connected. The battery lasts up to 15 hours and can easily be recharged via USB. The device can also double up as a power bank.   
It was also very convenient to pick up and drop the device as the kiosk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or if you are not a last minute planner, and don't wish to pick up at the airport you can actually get them to deliver it to you! How cool is that?  
KLIA: Lot 12, Level 5, KLIA International Departure Hall (in front of Mcdonald)
KLIA2:Sector 2, Level 3, KLIA2 International Departure Hall (behind check in luggage row Y)
SENAI International Airport : Airebagasi, Lot E10-11 Aeromall (Near KFC,7:30am-9:30pm)
I’ll be honest and say that is the first pocket WiFi I have used  and I am a happy customer. It was easy to find the kiosk at KLIA, if you can find Mcdonalds then You can surely find Roaming Man. The pick up procedure was easy, just present your ID and sign and the staff will explain how to use the device and you are good to go! The device was also lightweight and has a little carry case and also the charging cable that comes with it. It is great that the device is light, I don't think any of us wanna add on more weight to our bags especially during travel.

Having the Pocket WiFi with me made my holiday so convenient that I didn’t have to look for cafes or restaurants with WiFi [ i used to do that even with a SIM Card and sometimes you can get hack using WiFi ] and even if they had WiFi I didn’t have to connect to their WiFi as I am already connected. The best part is I could even Video Call my kids back home, and boy are they glad to see us. Lol.
I had no trouble with the signal and we had 2 devices connected to it at all times and with its 4G high-speed internet access, up to 150Mbps for downloading and 50Mbps uploading. It offers unlimited data, but the speed may drop to 256kbps after using 500MB within a day. After midnight, it will recover again to high speed. Yay! The only thing I faced with the pocket WiFi was that the device was hot, especially if its in my bag, I guess that is because there's no ventilation so most of the time I have the device in open air either I am holding it or I place it in the outer mesh pocket of my bag pack. The return procedure was quick and simple, just drop and go at the box provided in the counter and shortly after I received a text saying that they have received the return device. I will surely be using Roaming Man for all my upcoming vacations, I don’t think I know how to live without it during the next holiday. 

Well if you are travelling soon to SEA, and have not used Roaming Man Pocket Wifi before, here’s a Promo Code that you can use. This Promo code is available for SEA countries Wifi package only. Discount RM10, booking date and travel date are starting from today until 30th April. This code has limited to 25 times of use only, so be quick. 

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  1. Travelling make life better and happier and it more easier with such a wonderful device "Roaming Man Pocket WIFI"although sometimes wish i just have a transporter