Besides keeping yourself healthy, Keep your car healthy too. Car battery matters. Save Money, Choose AMARON!

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, April 22, 2020

How much do you know about your car? With the current Movement Control Order (MCO), we seldom use our car and even if we do it’s just within the 10km radius. I am sure we have seen many Facebook Post where some of our friend’s post that they weren’t able to start their car when they want to go out. As ironic as it may sound, this scenario is avoidable.
Besides keeping yourself healthy, Keep your car healthy too. Car battery matters. Save Money, Choose AMARON!

AMARON batteries are a reliable battery for your car because there is NO OTHERS like AMARON batteries, which could GET YOUR CAR BATTERY PROTECTED FOR 3 YEARS !!!

For those who have already purchased Amaron battery for your car, are you wondering why your Amaron Battery does not have Amaron 36 Months warranty? 
Amaron 36 months nationwide genuine pro-rata warranty is ONLY certified with ONLINE REGISTRATION from our NATIONWIDE AUTHORISED DEALERS. 
As a customer, why spend on 2x batteries within the duration of 3 years with an overpriced brand, when you can have 1x battery which lasted more than 3 years? 

Get your Amaron Car Battery registered ONLINE today with AMARON NATIONWIDE AUTHORISED DEALERS !!!
Because AMARON always GETS YOU READY !!!
Here are some FAQ about choosing the best car battery.
Do you know how to choose the best car battery? 
Warranty duration is correlated with the confidence of the product. Normally the warranty given in the market to the consumers is respectively with 12 months or 18 months warranty period; in other words, the longer the warranty duration is given, the better the product is.

Full specification car batteries are based on the weight and model, which is the direct justification of the amp-hour (AH)and reserved capacity (RC) contained in the car battery.
More than 70% of Malaysian cars are commonly adapting car battery sized in-between model 38b20l (weighing: 10kg+/-) which priced at RM250+/- or model 46b24 ( weighing: 12kg+, priced at RM295+/-)
AMARON 36 months nationwide genuine pro-rata warranty is claimable via our Nationwide Authorised Dealer, please contact us at for getting your battery protected for 3 years.
*Terms & Conditions apply. 

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Do you have more information for services such as ceiling fan repair? I think my shop will need this after MCO. Good recommendation and good deal. Keep us posted.