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By Gaylen KaSai - Saturday, June 05, 2021

My essential Oil journey started about 5 years ago, shortly after my son was born. A dear friend introduced me to Essential Oils and I’ve been hooked ever since and once I am hooked on something, I do a lot of research and that is when I came across one of my favourite brand Plant Origins, from Signature Market. I've been using a lot of their oils so I was pretty excited when they launched their Functionality Kits. If you have used Plant Origin before you would be glad to know of their new packaging for their Essential Oils and PErsonal care. There are 4 Functionality Kits which are Calm, Energise, Purify and of course Sleep. Each kit comes with a PU Leather Pouch as well as 4 blends of Oil depending on which you pick.

I got the CALM FUNCTIONALITY KIT, which came with these 4 Blends

Peace Of Mind Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

  •  Scent of Sandalwood and Lavender perfect to diffuse during Yoga Session or over a
    book. I diffuse this blend in my Bedroom.

Lemongrass Essential Oil (10ml)

  • Citrusy fragrance which works great as a natural insect repellent. I Diffuse during the nights to keep insects away, especially at the kids Bedroom

Palmarosa Essential Oil (10ml)

  • Soft floral scent, smells like Rose to me mix with a hint of Lemon.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil (10ml)

  • Smells like a fresh Roses, very soothing. This blend can uplift your mood, I love waking up to this blend because I feel so much lighter and happier throughout the day. 

These blends comes in a PU Leather Pouch that's beautifully crafted with a gold zipper, I would use this as a wallet at any given time. It's a very spacious soft pouch and feels really exquisite to hold. Alright let’s get back to the oils, you know in times like this, Essential Oil is a necessity in my home. I diffuse them around the household. These oils are like magic to me, they have the power to make me Happy, or make me calm. The  Plant Origin functionality kit is great especially for those who is new to Essential Oil. You can get this at only RM99 for members.

You know what else I got that I was pretty excited about? The Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser. Diffuser are a great way to diffuse the oils and clean the air which is why I have a few diffuser in my household and each has their own function, but I am loving my new Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser because now I could have some Music from the diffuser thanks to its Bluetooth Speaker, how cool is that? Playing soft lullabies with a dimmed light front he diffuser sounds so comforting right? Plant Origins Aromatherapy Bluetooth Diffuser can produce mist for up to 13 hours on a full tank of water so you can wake up with radiant, hydrated skin. The atomizing particles help to neutralize dust, germs and other dirty air particles in the air, particularly when it’s hazy season. Thus, the diffuser’s constant stream of moisturizing air reduces the likelihood of illnesses caused by stale air circulating around the room and helps eliminate static. Fans of mist sprays for skin moisturizing will also appreciate the extra hydration the mist imparts to your skin and eyes. No more worries about having dry, itchy eyes, cracked lips or painfully dry skin. This is one diffuser everyone should have!

I also got the 30ml Plant Origin Personal Care range, each is infused with 7 Natural Plant Extract which would make your shower session an entirely different experience. 

-Plant Origins Hand Soap

-Plant Origins Conditioning Hair Mask

-Plant Origins Body Wash

-Plant Origins Hair Shampoo

I love how well Plant Origin Personal care range works for me, Restoring my skin’s & Hair’s natural pH balance and hydration levels while gently cleansing it from impurities Made with all-natural plant extracts for healthy, clean skin, Plant Origins products are formulated to be moisturizing, hypoallergenic and with a pleasing natural fragrance that won’t irritate sensitive skin. As long as there’s Plant Origin in the bathroom, I always look forward to shower time, especially after a long day.

If you are new to Plant Origins Essential Oil, I would recommend that you try out their Starter Kits, you have an option of Sweet Dreams or Spring Cleaning. There are 6 items in the kit, 4 Essential Oil, a Portable diffuser and a Plant Origins personal care travel kit for only RM149.90 instead of RM680 .

    Plant Origins Clean The Air Essential Oil Blend (10ml)     Plant Origins Tea Tree Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Lime Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Portable Diffuser (70ml)

    Plant Origins Personal Travel Kit (4 items)
        - Body Wash (30ml)
        - Hand Soap (30ml)
        - Hair Shampoo (30ml)
        - Hair Mask (30ml)

Sweet Dreams  Starter Kit

    Plant Origins Good Night Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

    Plant Origins Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Clary Sage Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Blood Orange Essential Oil (10ml)

    Plant Origins Portable Diffuser (70ml)

    Plant Origins Personal Travel Kit (4 items)
        - Body Wash (30ml)
        - Hand Soap (30ml)
        - Hair Shampoo (30ml)
        - Hair Mask (30ml)

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