Clean Eats comes in handy!

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Our country is In the midst of Lockdown, and even if we are not in a Lockdown by now I guess most of us have been pretty used to Staying Home. Ever since 2020, life has changed for almost everyone. Most of us have become pretty good chefs I must say, even Men can cook a variety of dishes these days. Nevertheless, cooking a storm daily is a big No - No for me, especially on days that I am caught up with work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, just now when I have product shots and articles lined up to be done, not to mention the kids' homework and online classes. Our family eats rather clean, I mean I try to prepare clean meals as much as possible and as much as I like to cook, I don’t have the time on such days and that is when Clean Eats come in handy!

Clean Eats is my way to go on days I don’t feel like preparing anything! They provide healthier alternatives and easy to prepare meals. You can also order their daily, weekly or monthly meals to be sent to you. The weekly menu can be seen at the website, Delivery is available for Penang Island at the moment. 

What I love about Clean Eats is definitely the Prepared Marinated Chicken Breast! They have so many different flavors and it's so easy to prepare, all I need to do is defrost them and then pop them in the oven and wait for my meal to be ready! 

If you are like me, always eating only chicken breast you'd know how much I had it because its hard but not with the chicken breast from Clean Eats because All the chicken breast has been tenderized. The chicken used is sourced from 99.9% antibiotic free chicken supplier, so I am assured that the chicken breast I’m eating is high in quality. 

The chicken breast is all marinated with 100% natural ingredients. Now the best part is that it comes with recipes too! If you want a change to your chicken eats, with Clean Eats you can recreate so many different dishes too, not just pop them in the oven in kind. All the recipes can be found here Another awesome thing about Clean Eats is the Prep Sheet . With the prep sheet, I am saving the environment as I don't have to use Cling Foil anymore and I don't have to wash my tray! I just have to wash my silicone baking sheet. Haha.. on some days they act as my plate as well.

Now let me show you how I cook my chicken breast. Lol, I am a very simple person therefore I cook very simple. Haha.

I'd highly recommend you guys to keep a few of these Marinated Chicken Breast from Clean Eats in the freezer. Do check them out at

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