Let's go visit the Giraffe at Lost World of Tambun

By Gaylen KaSai - Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Welcome to Lost World of Tambun

As borders are opening,  and slowly we are getting used to the whole endemic and the fact that we were tested positive in Late March, and it's now May already. I guess it is time to get the kids out of the house! 2 Years of being restricted to do anything was hard, not only for the adults but kids as well. 

This mom has no time to plan for an overseas trip just yet, well neither do I want to go through the hassle just yet so we went for a short staycation at the nearest possible location for where we are; LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN.  

Our last visit here was in 2016, I remembered because it was the year Vegas was born and I wanted to take Heiley on a ‘break’, and give her full attention before the brother takes that attention for the next 5 years. Lol


6 years later here we are, and I must say so much has changed, for the better. It was way much better than I expected. We went on a 3D2N staycation here, we stayed at different hotels. We went on 16th - 18th of June 2022.


On the first night we stayed at Lost World Hotel which was just directly opposite the Theme Park. We took the Family suite which was able to accommodate all 4 of us nicely, super spacious I’d say with all the necessary amenities provided. Breakfast for 4 is inclusive at the Garden Terrace but please do not expect a very fancy 5 star hotel spread ok? Night Theme Park tickets is inclusive too! Our room was overlooking the Theme Park so the view was good for sure. There are other room types available too and priced from RM300 onwards, depending on the day and season.

Now before you run off and get tickets to the Theme Park, please know that if you do book a room at Lost World Hotel or even the Glamping Staycation package [ I’ll share on the next post ] you will be entitled to a 35 % off Theme Park Tickets ok? Always book the room first if you are planning on staying here the night which I’d highly recommend since there’s just so much to do now. If you are not planning on staying then you could always get a Cabana which is available for rent inside the Theme Park. This is a life saver if you are not staying the night, Ipoh Weather can get rather unpredictable, and if you have young kids then this is a must to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. 

So, how was Lost World of Tambun after 2 years  of Restrictions? Well, I'd say that everything is presented in a much better way and the park has been maintained very well despite there being no tourists for the past 2 years. Kudos, to the Lost World Team.


As you would already know, Lost World of Tambun consists of many smaller parks, The Main Waterpark, The Amusement Park, Tin Valley, & Petting Zoo which consist of Tiger Valley, Hippo Kingdom and of course the Adventure Park where you get to do activities like Kayaking, Zip Lining. When the sun sets, the whole park transforms into something totally different. Relax in the natural hot springs, or indulge in the best Ipoh has to offer at the 70’s themed food street and walk into the enchanted luminous forest and let your imagination run wild, and if you visit at night do not miss out the Flaming Percussion because it is definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen. Feeling overwhelmed after a whole day of fun? Well, then head on over to Crystal Spa, pamper yourself and choose from a variety of massages available. I am sure one will feel completely rejuvenated after the session. 

The Amusement Park of the Lost World of Tambun is great, especially for younger kids like Vegas who’s 6 because it's not that scary & this gives him the opportunity to try them. He had his first Roller Coaster ride and first Pirates Ship this trip. Heiley, who’s 12 stills enjoys the ride and has been on everything more than once. Despite there not being many rides, about 7 as of our time of visit, it's enough to keep the kids happy because there’s just so much more to do. 

The Waterpark has a lot of water slides, infact one of the longest river in South East Asia, a big wave pool, a lazy river and a kids’ playground area with lots of little water slides.  The waterpark is definitely suitable for everyone, I especially love the Cliff Racer and Tube Raiders. It has been a while since I had that adrenaline rush. Do note that some of the rides at the waterpark require a tube which you have to rent. We got our at RM30, with RM10 being the deposit. Once you have that you can cruise through the river tho’ one person might want to be in the water to guide the tube. 

Tin Valley is where we all had our first experience of tin mining. It looks easy but trust me it is not, I had a hard time & gave up in the end. 

The highlight of Lost World of Tambun for us would be the Petting Zoo, 6 years ago when we came I must say it was disappointing but this trip I was very impressed. There are just so many more animals, from Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras, Racoons, Tigers. For a moment I was a bit lost on where I was, because it felt like I was in a safari and not Lost World of Tambun. The fact that I got to feed Giraffes, Hippos, Zebras and all made me a happy mummy! I was so so close to Merci the giraffe, she almost licked my face kind of close. The hippo OMG! I never knew that when a hippo opens its mouth it was so huge, no wonder they could eat a watermelon. I really loved the petting zoo so much that I would consider coming back just for this. Also there are many showtimes so be sure to be on the lookout cause you won't wanna miss the Tiger & Friends show where you'd see some pretty cool stunts.

 If you are a daredevil, it's time to break your limits at the
Adventure Park. Here you can enjoy activities like Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, and Kayaking but do note that everything comes with a surcharge. 

Roti Tumbuk

Now let’s talk about food! Dulang Tea House is a must visit, imagine sitting in under the 400 million years old limestone caves and sipping coffee or tea, ahhh that bliss. The coffee is pretty good too! I had 2 cups on each visit on separate days, yup it was that good. A must try would be the ROTI TUMBUK which translates into "Boxing Bread", It was eye opening definitely. There's also the Kukuntalu Hawkers where you can get your fix of friend noodles. There are several Kiosk selling snacks, popcorn, Ice Cream and drinks too so there's no need to worry about food wherever you go. 70’s theme food street
If you are a foodie, you’d be glad to know that there’s a 70’s theme food street featuring the best of Ipoh’s food like the Curry Noodles which I find was not too bad, Tau Fu Fah, and many more. Don’t worry about the kids because they have 1901 Hotdogs here, and we all know that kids can eat Hot Dogs everyday for every meal..well mine can. Lol 

Kukuntalu Hawker

Since we stayed at the hotel we didn’t really bring much items to the park, but if you are there just for the park then there are lockers on rent for you to keep your belongings. I will be sharing more on GLAMPING, yup! You can now experience staying inside the Lost World of Tambun theme park with the new Staycation Package. It has been an amazing experience, stay tune to my next post meanwhile in case you’d wanna hurry and go experience it yourself. Links below.

Address – Lost World Hotel, No.1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.


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