Staying in a Themepark after night falls

By Gaylen KaSai - Friday, August 12, 2022

This post is a little too late, but better late than Never kan? Well now, where were we? Ah yes, theme park. Ok so, I mean have you guys ever wondered how it feels like to be actually staying inside a theme park? Yup, with the giraffes, monkeys and hippos as well as the tigers. 

Well, we had the chance to do so not too long ago at Sunway Lost World of Tambun. If you don’t already know how cool the place is then you gotta check out my previous post . Thanks to Sunway Lost World of Tambun ‘Staycation’ package we got to experience our very first stay in a Theme Park. 

The ‘Staycation’ package allows you to stay inside the Themepark premises. There are 2 choices of accommodation, you can choose to go ‘Glamping’ in style or ‘The Malayana Villa’. Of course I choose the later. Hahaha! I have done glamping before in the past but I have not stayed on a Floating Villa before, yes it joke... It feel like when you are on a cruise.

This room has a separate area for the kids, if you need some privacy

There are a few floating villas to choose from here, with different beds option. We choose the 1st villa which was the one that has a rooftop balcony! Pretty cool. Every villa has their own attached toilet, with all the basic toiletries. The room also has a TV. Our staycation at the Malayana Floating Villa came with Buffet Breakfast at Garden Terrace for up to 4 pax, Theme Park Entrance 2 Adults +2 Children for 2 days , Night Park Entrance 2 Adults +2 Children. Yep, everything included. 

The kids truly enjoyed themselves especially when they woke up in the morning because as soon as they drew the curtains they could just sit on the balcony and feed fishes in the lake. It was very fun to see hundreds of fishes swim to you. Me, I find it really calming just standing on the edge of the balcony being surrounded by limestone hills and water. The sound of nature is at its best early in the morning. If you are lucky, you could also catch the sunrise, we weren’t that lucky. It was a gloomy morning for us when we were there. 

Remember we opted for the villa with the balcony? Well here’s why. We add on a BBQ Dinner Set, at an additional of RM150 for 2 pax, and by choosing the Villa with the balcony we were able to have our BBQ up there! I loved it! Imagine a BBQ in the middle of the lake, and not to forget early morning coffee at the balcony watching the Sunrise. Ahh such bliss, lives precious moments which I could do everyday. LOL. The BBQ Menu was good, they prepared so much food that we couldn’t finish. 

The thing about the Malayana Villa is that it's right towards the end of the park, but not to worry because there is always a buggy on standby to bring you around. My son loved the buggy ride, because he could ride all the way to where our car was parked. Lol.

The 'Base' 

Board games at night! 

As we all know the park closes at 11pm, so after 11pm if you are worried having nothing to do, don’t worry because there are so many board games available at the ‘base’, yes there is a station there where I call it the ‘base’, a place where the kids could get their Ice Cream, for us to hail the buggy and even just to chit chat with the friendly staff there! They were so friendly they actually filmed a reel with me.  Watch it here ! You know what they say, A place is only as good as the people in it? Well, the hospitality from the Staycation team was so amazing that we miss the place because of the people. The team who was with us there, if you are reading this Thank You! And we can’t wait to be back 

If you are wondering if we hear any weird noises at night, well nope. We slept like a baby! There are also many activities surrounding the area here, apart from what you already know from my previous entry, here a more detailed entry on the adventure park! As the villa is located near the adventure park, take this chance to be a daredevil. Break your limits at the 13 high ropes course, take on the zipline like a pro, or gather a team and explore the 6th Mile tunnel, which we wanted to do but we didn’t have enough people. I did however manage to experience my first Kayak with Heiley! It was so memorable that we are hooked on kayaking now. Lol
Another plus point about staying inside the theme park is that you can be the first to visit the park as soon as its door opens. Lol, beat the crowd right? It was a memorable experience for us and we will be back to try out Glamping. 

I just stand there for a photo only. It was 7am in the morning

Here's how the inside of the tent looks like

I believe the glamping experience will be a different one from the villa, the tents here is not what you have in mind because you have all the necessities such as Fan/Portable Air-conditioning, a comedy bed with clean sheets, clean drinking water, lights and all.. Its pretty Glamorous hence the name Glamping. Lol. There’s a shared toilet too which is just a short walk away.  So if you are still planning you next family vacation? Why not come here… You can watch more real time #AmazingMoments on my Instagram stories which I highlighted [ LWOT ]. My Instagram handle @gaylenkasai

Address – Lost World Hotel, No.1 Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh, 31150 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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