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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pamper Yourself with Bare for Bare

When it comes to toiletries like shampoo, scrubs and body wash I am the ‘off the counter’ type of person. By ‘OTC’ I would always opt for brands that is easy to get anywhere such as Dettol, or Shokubutsu. Lol. These brands are what I have used all my life and they do not bring any surprises, they promise moisturizing effects, whitened skin and etc but honestly who are we kidding? I trust the 99% antibacterial tho but I am sure that's what is making my skin ever so dry, stripping of my skin’s natural moisture. Correct me if I am wrong. Lol. A few weeks ago the awesome people at Bare for Bare sent me a Body Care set, and I must say this is one big surprise.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Clean Home is a Happy Home


Being a mother means you've gotta take care of the household. No? Get a maid! But getting a maid I'll also need to know what products to get for the maid to use. Lol. Abyways, maids are out of the question as me and hubs very much loves the privacy we are having now. So, we'd rather share the household chores. Lol.

I receive a product to review not too long ago and let me say this 'Mummies, rejoice! This is a must have, must try and must use’

Im pleased to Introduce to you a range of household Products which is made in Malaysia!
KLEENSO. I have to be honest to you that I have never heard of this product prior to this, so I was quite surprised. Kleenso Resources Sdn Bhd, manufacturing and marketing of total cleaning solution product. Kleenso Resources manufactures a full range of cleaning product solution under their house brand Kleenso and Pesso, a repellant product series. Kleenso is also the authorised distributor for other brands such as 3M, Dupont and ABC. Well I am not going to go into the company history, as you can read all that on their website. Lol.